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Orkla Exolon KS is a silicon carbide manufacturing company based at Orkanger, Norway. Click HERE for location Establishment The company was established in 1962. Our product is silicon carbide, which is used in a variety of industrial products ranging from the grinding and polishing of metals to the sawing of wafers for microchips and solar cell panels. Products We produce silicon carbide (SiC) from raw materials to finished products. SiC is particularly interesting because of its hardness and high temperature properties. Raw materials are quartz sand, petroleum coke and energy. The finished product is crushed into silicon carbide grits. Our finished products are sold under the trade name of CARBOREX Silcon Carbide . Owners From August 2004 Washington Mills Co. is 100 percent owner of Orkla Exolon KS. Washington Mills Co. is a US private owned company and a producer of silicon carbide, aluminium oxide and other electro minerals. Key Figures Annual production: 15,000 tons of finished products. Employees: about 125.

Orkla Exolon Ks

Address: No-7300 Orkanger Postal Code: Website: http://www.orex.no

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